Friday, 29 May 2009

Magic Kitten Classroom Chaos

This is a magical book. It is about a kitten called Flame and his Uncle Ebony wants to kill him. He goes to a school where a girl is in her first year. Her name is Abi.

Flame helps Abi build her confidence in lots of things and helps her when an older girl called Keera is mean to her. One example of this is when Keera steals a packet of sweets from a sweet shop. The owner of the shop does a roomsearch (it is a boarding school.) to find out who stole the sweets and because Keera hid the sweets under Abi's bed, everyone thinks that she stole them. Abi gets told off, but then Keera gets found out and is grounded.

This book is good because it is funny.

This book made me feel angry and I wanted to get into the story and help Abi change the way that Keera acts.

I recommend this book for 5-8 year olds. I think people that love and believe in magic will love this book.

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