Saturday, 9 May 2009

Allie Finkle’s Rules For Girls

This book, by Meg Cabot, is really good. It is about a girl called Allie and she has a best friend she does not really like.
Allie’s parents say that they are going to move. She does not like the sound of this but her brothers Mark and Kevin really want to move.
Eventually Allie starts getting interested and wants to move but meanwhile she tries to follow the special rules which she has made up to try and make her behave. They are her “rules for girls.”

I love the way the writer has described everything in this. It is one of my favourites because of all the details and because it made me smile lots.
Even though it has lots of chapters or rules (there are about 16), I really recommend it.
The age I would suggest it for is for 7-10 year olds, but I also recommend it for anyone who loves reading.
There are some very funny rules in this story including “don’t stick a spatula down your best friend’s throat”. That’s a very good rule, you wouldn’t want to get a spatula down your throat!
This story made me feel happy and it made me cry and it also made me laugh. I have read it over and over again and I really can’t get enough of it.


  1. I noticed this book on the shelf but never thought about reading it. Since you have such great things to say about it I will check it out. After all, a spatula down the throat sounds pretty funny!

    Did you know that there are three books about Allie Finnkle? The covers look different in the US.

    Tanya @

  2. Wait..are you from the UK?

  3. Yeah. I'm from the UK.
    London to be exact.