Sunday, 13 January 2013

Invisible Fiends: Doc Mortis

When Kyle gets a virus, strange things begin to happen and he is whisked to hospital. As the virus kicks in, he is warned, "There's someone in the hospital. Someone worse than anything out there. Worse than anyone you've had to deal with so far. You've got to stay away from him.
When Kyle regains consciousness, he finds himself in a hospital. This is no normal hospital though, it is as far away from a normal hospital as you can think of! Everything is frightening - from Doc Mortis and his deadly doctors' implements to crazy clowns. However, the most frightening of all are the several children that Doc Mortis has altered and put in his hall of fame. While trying to escape and find the cure for the virus, Kyle stumbles across I.C, a boy with an incredible power. Together they can escape. Or can they?

This horror story is definitely a fantastic read! Although I'm not to fond of terrifying tales, this book kept me reading right to the end, probably because of how I felt for Kyle and I.C and how complex, gripping and exciting the plot was. There are books in the Invisible Fiends series before this which I have never read, but it is easy enough to understand what happened before this spooky story and I was never confused at all. 

My favourite part of this tale was when Kyle, I.C and Doc Mortis were walking through the Doc's gallery of altered children as (although it was terrifying and disgusting) it was the scariest part of the book and gave me a feeling which I'd never experienced when reading books before.

This is a fantastic horror story for children aged 9+ which I thoroughly enjoyed and recommend 100%. Happy Reading!

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