Saturday, 19 January 2013

Camden Town Tales: Stuck On Me

Stuck On Me tells the story of fourteen year old Sky, who is convinced that her nose is deformed and ugly. Her best friends Vix and Rosie don't see the problem - Sky is pretty and she has a boyfriend! But when Sky gets dumped due to her obsession with her nose, it's the final straw. On a quest to find her long lost dad and to get a nose job, Sky's nose takes her and her friends to parts of Camden that she's never seen before...

This bright and exciting book ticks all the boxes. Each character is believable and likable and the writing style fits the story perfectly, with Sky's teenage voice not feeling put on at all.Some parts of this are funny - one example of this is when Sky goes to the doctors to discuss her nose when she finds out that the doctor is her friends mum! This was definitely my favourite part of this book. However, other bits are moving, such as the details about Sky's dad. Although Sky's life and family doesn't sound great, I certainly don't sympathize with her, probably because she raves on and on about her nose all  the time. Sometimes I want to jump into the book and yell at her!
Sky's constant whinging slows the book down a little, but apart from that, I think this is fantastic book about friendship and family.
I recommend this book 90% to children aged 9-12.
Happy reading!

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