Saturday, 26 January 2013

Private Peaceful

Private Peaceful by Michael Morpurgo is a perfect insight into what World War I was like. Told by Private Tommo Peaceful in the few hours before his death, this book kept me in floods of tears.
This book tells the story of Tommo's family, village and the love of his life before moving on to shocking and powerful scenes in the battlefields of The Great War. Born as the youngest in a family of three, one of Thomas's earliest memories is watching his dad die. He is later forced to go to school with his courageous and admirable brother Charlie, who is in the group for older children. All alone in the smaller class, Thomas meets Mollie, the love of his and Charlie's life. Thomas's childhood is full of horrid relations, crazy parents, lost jobs and wild adventures with Charlie, Mollie and his other brother, Big Joe. Although their situations were not always happy, the kept on making the most of everything and were a very close and happy family. I found every character easy to love. But when World War I begins and Charlie and Tommo join the army, they have a new set of problems. Tommo and Charlie have to face horrible sergeants, painful injuries and dire battle strategies. All of this builds up into a shocking, unforgettable end.

Private Peaceful is only the second book ever that made me cry, and even made me feel a bit depressed. However, I could not stop reading this descriptive book, which is so good it has been turned into a play and a film. The characters are all realistic and lovable, but my the one I liked best is Big Joe as he is so sweet and thoughtful. The way Morpurgo wrote about his disabilities was really moving.
This is one of my new favourite books because of the fantastic characters and detailed descriptions that made me feel like I was in the book with Thomas. Every single bit was so good I cannot even pick a best part!

I'm afraid this review might not be doing this book justice, so I would like to say, if you are aged 11+ and have not read Private Peaceful, read it immediately!

Happy reading!

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