Sunday, 9 December 2012

Great Expectations: For Kids!

When Pip stumbles across a convict in the graveyard where his dead parents are buried, he has no idea that his life is about to be changed forever...
When an unknown giver makes Pip rich beyond his wildest dreams, Pip has great expectations for his future life. But does this create more problems than ever before?

Great Expectations - retold by William Bedford - is a spectacular story. The language is not too simple nor too complicated and I thoroughly enjoyed most of it. The book has great pictures and descriptions, meaning that I really felt like I was in the graveyard with the convict at the start of the book.
For a shortened version of the real book, I understood completely what was happening and did not feel that I was missing out on anything from the longer novel.

We looked at this book in class in our guided reading groups and there were so many activities and ways to learn from this book. I had lots of fun reading it and the other children in my group felt the same way.

Apart from certain bits where the story is not as lively, I recommend this 99% to read by yourself or in a group as an educational activity as I did.

Happy reading!

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