Sunday, 1 May 2011

Freaky facts

Did you know that statistically, you are more likely to be attacked by a shark? Or that phobophobia is the fear of fear?
Well I didn't until I read this awesome book, Freaky Facts.
The title tells you everything. Its a whole book of amazing facts, great for long journeys.
I like to read this book over and over again, as there are so many facts I can't remember them all! Every time, I amaze my friends and family with some cool fact that I have just learnt.
This book is smallish, the picture on here is nearly as big as the actual thing. It is good as it doesn't take up much space.
The illustrations are bright and funny. Most of them have speech bubbles.
I love this book and think anyone aged over 7 will love it too.
I recommend it 100%.

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