Saturday, 14 July 2012

My First Book Review for Some Time!

Hi everyone, I thought I'd start this up again, so today I am going to review a book which I think is excellent, and I'm sure you'll agree.
Grace lives in a tight Christian Community, where they have very strict rules about anything and everything. For example, girls aren't allowed to cut their hair and they must not touch Outsiders (people who aren't in that part of Christianity.) When Grace's dad is expelled from the Church, Grace is not permitted to see him ever again. What will happen next?

This is a very funny and exciting book. Although it is quite thin, it is amazingly written and really makes you think about the world. I recommend this for 9-12 year olds as although it is thin, it has ideas that some younger children will not be able to understand.
This book is written by Morris Gleitzman and was shortlisted for the Red House book award.
A thoroughly gripping read. 

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