Sunday, 5 December 2010

Billionaire Boy

This book is about a boy named Joe Spud. His father is a billionaire but was not as rich as that all his life. His father makes money out of selling loo-rolls, 10p a packet.
Joe is bullied at school and called names such as Bum Boy so when it comes to his birthday he asks to go to a new school so he can make friends.
But everything is not as simple as Joe settling in, his school discovers he is a billionaire and his dad pays for things that Joe doesn't want to happen.
This is the best of David Walliams's books by far. It is funny and emotional and I recommend it to anyone aged 8-10.
Best book I've read all year!

I have also read Mr Stink and The Boy in the Dress. I reviewed the Boy in the Dress for this blog (I loved it!) and you can see it here.

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