Monday, 27 December 2010

The Homework Machine

Whenever I read an American book I think it's really good and once again I have just read a brilliant book that is American.
In this book the main characters are four fifth graders named Brenton, Snik, Judy and Kelesy who don't like doing their homework.

Brenton, a child genius, invents a machine that does it for you.
But when the police get involved and teachers get suspicious, they find it harder and harder to keep their secret.
This book is written in a way that I have never come across before. It seems weird at the begining, but as it goes on you start to like the style of writing.
It says the name of who is speaking and then whoever is speaking tells a tiny bit of the story. I like this way of writing a lot.
This is a small book of 146 pages and is totally worth the cost.
Happy Reading!

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