Saturday, 4 July 2009

Fairy Dreams

When Evie’s grandma has a stroke, her family go to stay in her house. Evie sleeps in grandma’s bed, and discovers that it’s a magic one. Fairies can go under the bed into a tunnel which leads to Fairyland, and two fairies visit her.
Evie is worried that her grandma will die and asks the Fairy Queen if she can take her grandma to meet her. They have an adventure which they like a lot, but it can’t last forever.
I got this book as a birthday present and really wanted to read it because it sounded so good when I read the blurb on the back! It really is good and I love it because it’s such fun, and has a fantastic beginning, middle and end.
The author is really good and she makes things very clear, even the sad bits, which nearly make me cry.
I think the author is trying to say that everyone has to die sometime and that anyone can
get a stroke. I didn’t know about strokes before. This book is quite a big book with 214 pages.
I have read it loads of times because it is so good and I truly recommend it to everyone.
I think that people at the ages of 6-9 year olds will like this book the best.

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