Friday, 17 July 2009

My Brother's first review, of Spider School

This is my brother's first review on this blog.
He is only little (4) so please don't be mean about his review.

I like this book because it is funny.

In Kate's new school they eat snails, slugs and spiders. I like it because there is a boy called Robbie in the book. Robbie is my name. This book made me go "boo hoo!" It made me say that because I was sad for Kate.

I liked the pictures a lot. They were very colourful. Some pictures are very funny. I thought it was weird that a gorilla was teaching class 3.
I liked the name of this book. I thought it sounded a bit creepy but I still liked it. I thought Francesca Simon was very clever to think of writing a book like this. I think that Peta Coplans is a very good illustrator. I am very glad that she illustrated this book. I think that 3-7 year olds will like this book.


  1. Thank you for the lovely post.

    I have one year old daughter who is very bright for her age and she insists that I read to her every night. At this rate I have run out of books to read to her. Can you tell me a good place to buy story books for children?

  2. Hello
    When I was little, we went to the library a lot because picture books are very expensive and don't take long to read! We also buy books online (at Amazon mainly) and I'm very lucky because I inherit lots from my older cousins. You could also try swapping with other people you know.
    Best wishes,