Tuesday, 23 July 2013

The Outsiders

The Outsiders is an incredibly moving book which I recommend to both tweens, teenagers and adults.
Ponyboy Curtis is a fourteen year old Greaser- a gang of teenagers with long, dark hair and slouches. Their enemies are the Socs (short for socials). These are mean, rich teenagers on the other side  of town, who look down on (and pick fights with) the Greasers. Ponyboy knows lot of other Greasers. These include...

  1. Two-Bit (Keith Mathews)                                                                                                               Two-Bit is the leader of the bunch. He's loud, funny and must get his two-bits into a conversation. He is also a bit of a kleptomaniac.
  2. Dally (Dallas Winston)                                                                                                                     Dally is definitely the roughest of the Greasers as he lived out on the streets for three years. However, he does help out Johnny and Ponyboy when they are in need.
  3. Johnny Cade                                                                                                                                    Although Johnny is sixteen, he seems younger than Ponyboy as he has a sort of scared, vulnerable look about him. He lives with his horrible and abusive parents and he's also very good friends with Ponyboy.
  4. Steve Randle                                                                                                                                    Steve has been Sodapop's best friend for ages and now works with him at the gas station. Ponyboy doesn't like him very much.
  5. Darry (Darrel Curtis)                                                                                                                      Darry is Ponyboy's older brother, who has been looking after him and Sodapop ever since their parents died. He is very strict and annoys Ponyboy a lot.
  6. Sodapop Curtis                                                                                                                           Sodapop is Ponyboy and Darry's handsome brother. He dropped out of school and works at the gas station. Everyone likes him, and he tries to settle the arguments between his brothers.
When they are in danger, Johnny does something that changes everything for him and Ponyboy. Now they are on the run. Will they survive?

One of the reasons I love this superb book is the style of writing. I prefer books in first-person such as this one because you are able to feel the character's emotions much more strongly. Another good thing in this book is that you can find out more about Ponyboy from his style of writing: I really like this.

S.E Hinton has portrayed the characters in an outstanding way. After the book ended, I felt like I knew everything about the characters, from how they would react in certain situations to what they would think of other people.

My favourite character in this book is Sodapop (of course!) because he is so sweet, lovely and kind.  I also admire his ability to look at everyone's point of view. I also really liked Johnny, although I didn't enjoy reading about him much at the start as he wasn't that interesting.

Overall, this is a brilliant and poignant book which I recommend to everyone over the age of 11. It is my new favourite book and you MUST read it!

Happy reading or should I say:

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