Sunday, 31 March 2013

Noughts & Crosses

“Blank, white faces with not a hint of colour in them. Blank minds that can’t hold a single original thought. Blank, blank, blank.”

Best friends Callum and Sephy live in a racist society where white skinned people (noughts) are ruled by black skinned people (crosses). Sephy is black, and daughter of one of the most influential men in the country, Mr. Hadley. Callum is white and has been admitted to Sephy's school, which has started enrolling the brightest noughts.
What type of struggles does Callum go through in everyday life? Will Callum and Sephy ever be allowed to be friends? And will Callum ever stand up for what he believes in?

This amazing book is definitely a new favourite of mine. The plot is gripping and exciting with lots of twists and turns. One reason I really enjoyed this was because there was so much going on (this book is full of rebel organisations, bullies, police and a love story). Another great thing about this is that it is so moving and is the third book ever that made me cry! All of this incredible story builds up to the most shocking, unforgettable end I have ever come across. 

My favourite character in this story was definitely Callum because of his ability to stand tall and overcome difficult situations. I also felt slightly sorry for him.
My favourite part of this story is when Callum is in court defending his brother Jude and his dad from setting of a bomb. This part of the story was very powerful and scary.

I definitely recommend this book to anyone over the age of 11 as it is so amazingly brilliant. Trust me - YOU HAVE GOT TO READ THIS BOOK!

***** Happy Reading!

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