Monday, 21 October 2013

Frozen In Time by Ali Sparkes (A Review By My Brother Robert)


I have picked Frozen In Time to write a book review of because it is funny, sad, adventurous and exciting. I think lots of children will like it and some grown ups will like it too.


1960s Freddy and Polly are used to helping father with his experiments, so they do not mind being frozen in a machine. They know it will only be an hour or two. But when something happens to their father they are left frozen. 2010
Ben and Rachel are bored. Staying with uncle J is usually ok, but with the bad weather and the tv exploded they have nothing to do. Finally the sun comes out and Ben and Rachel discover a underground house and unfreeze Freddy and Polly. Will Freddy and Polly be able to adapt to the twentieth century, and where is their dad?

                                                        What I Liked

I liked how Polly and Freddy did not know about anything and said things like "what is a xbox" or "boys scrape the big hairy spiders out the bath and girls do the chores." I liked that the bullies at the school let go of their victims and got ready to pounce on Freddy and Polly. My favourite bit is when Freddy annoys the bullies by doing tricks on his skateboard


Over all it was the best book I have ever read. I recommend it to 7-14 year olds and I give it 5 stars. I also liked the switch series by the same author.

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