Wednesday, 19 August 2009

My mum's going to explode!

Like most of Jeremy Strong's books, this book is incredibly funny.
My favourite bit was when the pregnant mum of a boy called Nicholas goes on a diet of sausages. It's all she wants to eat.

In this story Nicholas gets a bit fed up and bored. His Grandma and her husband need to find a new house, all Nicholas's mum will cook is sausages and his grandma is a bit deaf.

So, Nicholas and his father try to have as much fun as possible, even though mum and grandma are acting weird. It doesn't really work out though. They end up having to do competitions about caring for babies - they're forced to do this by Nicholas's mum.

If this book sounds good to you, why not go to your local library and get this wonderful story there? If you want, you might want to buy it at a bookshop. This is quite small book with 89 pages. I think it will suit people from the age 6-9.

Happy reading!

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